What Illnesses Can Be Carried By Ticks?

People that live in the woods or rural areas may be quite well acquainted with the tiny bloodsuckers known everywhere as “ticks.” These things like to hide in various places in your yard and around your home. In tall grass, on your trees, up in your bushes, and even crawling onto you as you walk to your porch, nobody is a fan of these bugs.

Sometimes, you won’t even know one is on you until you feel an annoying itch somewhere on your body. You should take preventative measures as soon as you can by getting in touch with tick control services camden professionals, but that isn’t going to do you as much good if you’ve already been bitten by a tick.

What Threats Do Ticks Pose?

You probably heard as a kid that ticks carry diseases. This statement isn’t wrong, as various ticks have been known to carry different forms of disease. While the threat of catching a disease every time you get bitten by a tick isn’t high, it is still a possibility that you should take seriously.

Ticks can carry some of the following diseases with them, and these are but a few examples:

·    Lyme Disease.

·    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

·    Anaplasmosis.

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·    Powassan Virus Disease.

You can combat these possible threats by having your yard treated for ticks, wearing bug spray when you go out to discourage ticks from getting on you, and making sure you take the appropriate precautions to treat your pets for ticks, as well.

To make sure you don’t have ticks on you when you are finished outside, simply check yourself over thoroughly in the mirror or in the shower, or have your partner check for you. You should always make sure to check yourself if you’ve been far out in the woods or in the tall grass. After all, you don’t want to be spending your time pulling ticks off of yourself when you have other things you want to be doing.